3 Simple Solutions to Maximize Your Communications Budget

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It’s that time again—when everyone’s scrambling to get their budgets finalized and submitted for the year ahead. It is stressful when you think of having to anticipate all of your communication needs for a full year. There’s always the possibility that a catchall category like “crisis communications” might be used for a need you didn’t anticipate, but corporate budgets can be notoriously unforgiving. They can also be the source of heated debate when it comes to divvying up the limited pool of resources.

Before you get too stressed about mapping out next year’s needs and scheming up ways to earmark secret funds for your group, we thought we’d share some quick tips to help you make the most of your communications budget. Sometimes the smallest tweaks can help you make the most of your money. Here are three simple solutions to help you stretch your communications dollars and avoid breaking the bank.

Go Evergreen.

With a little extra expense on the front-end we’re helping clients reduce the back-end costs for delivering employee meetings by writing, designing and producing animated video presentations. Any HR Manager or benefits consultant will tell you – after about the fourth or fifth time delivering the same presentation your ability to deliver the same quality and depth of information begins to waver. By leveraging presentations we’ve already created into animated videos with professional voice-over we enable our clients to reach more employees, with the same consistent messaging, but with LESS travel! For clients with multiple locations across the country (and in some cases, around the globe), the translation of meeting materials into video presentations provides major cost savings.

Go Mobile

One of the simplest changes we help our clients make is the transition to lower-cost mobile solutions. Whether it’s the delivery of a high-impact email in place of a postcard, or a mobile version of the old benefits wallet card, clients who go mobile are saving big bucks on printing and shipping these days.

Go Smaller

It may take some effort to find a smaller agency with the right talent and skills to suit your needs but the numbers are on your side. Big agency billing rates can top out anywhere between $450 and $900 per hour. What if you worked with an agency who billed at a rate of one-third or LESS than the big consulting firms? And what if those agencies housed top talent with just as much experience or more? They’re out there. (HINT: Lab Monkey Communications is one of them).

As you put the finishing touches on your budget for next year, remember that it’s not always the big dollar project that makes the biggest impact. Smaller tweaks can be just as effective, easier to implement, and easier to get approved. Whether you’re planning for next year or looking for ways to spend that last little bit of money from this year’s budget, consider the advantages of going evergreen, going mobile, and going smaller.