5 Reasons Mobile Communications Are Smarter Than Ever

mobile communications

Internal communications isn’t special.

Yep, sorry. You’re not special.

You are subject to the same challenges and obstacles of any other marketer vying for the attention of your employees.

So, what does that mean for you?

It means that your internal communications strategy must embrace the same technology and outlets that every other advertiser is using to reach your employees.

The strategies and tactics of yesterday no longer apply. The days of the beautifully bound New Hire kit living on a shelf in your employee’s cubicle are behind us. The kits have been replaced with a grab bag of web links, intranet tabs, and emailed PDF’s.

If your communications are living behind a firewall, only available on your company Intranet, or getting tossed into the recycle bin with all the other junk mail it may be time to go mobile.

Here are five reasons a mobile platform belongs in your employee communications strategy…


Timing is everything.

If you’re a good employer, your people get to go home at some point every day, right?

So what happens when an employee is off site—whether that’s at home, the doctor’s office, traveling for work, or just working in the field away from a computer?

Do they just get a backlog of “important” updates when they come into the office?

Or are you able to reach them beyond the office walls with the tools and information they need to make the work and life decisions that impact your business?

Thanks to the conveniences of modern technology we have become a culture of instant gratification. The ability to take swift action on important initiatives is a key driver in participation and the ultimate achievement of your targeted outcomes.

With a mobile platform as part of your strategy you empower employees to make decisions in the moment as the needs arise so they don’t have to remember to take action later.

Credibility is critical.

Consistent communication between management and employees is the key to building credible and trustworthy relationships.

When you leverage the simplicity and convenience of mobile tools it becomes easier to communicate with employees.

When it’s easier to communicate, it happens more often.

When you communicate more often the relationship improves.

Your employees aren’t the only ones depending on you. 

You may never see or even know some of the most influential people behind your Company.

They’re behind the scenes, off-site, and they may have never stepped foot in your offices. They’re the spouses, children and families of your employees—and you can’t reach them via all-employee memo or the company Intranet.

You HAVE TO go beyond the walls to reach some of the most influential people in your employees’ lives.

Mobile platforms make it convenient for your employees and their families to leverage the benefits and opportunities that keep your people safe, healthy and loyal to your Company. It opens a direct line between you and the support system that keeps your people on track beyond the walls of work.

Smart phones are the fastest growing platform. 

The data demonstrating the furious rise in smart phone usage is undeniable:

  • 91% of all people on earth have a mobile phone¹
  • 56% of people own a smart phone¹
  • 50% of mobile phone users, use mobile as their primary Internet source¹
  • 66% of emails are now opened on a smart phone or tablet²

If you’re not on your employees’ smart phones, chances are you’re not being heard by 50% of your audience!


It’s the holy grail of HR goals.

Engaged employees are the drivers of our businesses.

They make our lives easier by showing up, thinking proactively about their contributions to the Company and not pestering us with calls about things they could easily handle.

Mobile communications is a key driver of engagement simply through ease of use. Anything you can do to simplify your employees’ lives and reduce their workload has a positive effect on their engagement. With mobile tools offering one-click follow-through your employees are able to quickly release the decisions that are distracting them from the important work they’d rather be doing.

The bottom line is this—you are competing with an increasingly savvy audience who is consistently inundated with marketing. The marketers who win the battle for your employees’ attention are those who communicate where they’re hanging out most often—and that is increasingly on their mobile devices.

Getting in the mobile game doesn’t have to be complicated. From text campaigns, mini-mobile sites, and mobile-friendly emails—there are countless ways to take your message beyond the company walls to reach your employees. The important thing to consider is where and how you might best enter the conversation so that your employees begin hearing from you where and when they need you most.