Accountability, Ownership, Vulnerability – the Softer Side of ROI

accountability drives ROI

You might think it would be enough to simply have the most creative people on your team, but individuals who see themselves as “accountable” to their work are the secret ingredient that drive results.

How do you recognize accountability and encourage it among your teams?

Accountability shows up on teams in the forms of:

  • Commitment – team members who are really committed to your projects’ results are problem-solvers. They look for ways to make things work – not just reasons that things will fail.
  • Ownership – accountable team members suggest alternative solutions when projects aren’t going as planned and they accept personal responsibility for their role in delivering results. They’ve got skin in the game.
  • Proactiveness – being proactive is a form of being responsible – but it takes a much deeper degree of forward-thinking ownership. Proactive team members see future problems and take ownership of preparing solutions for their team in advance – even if developing those solutions and sharing these insights aren’t necessarily a part of their job description.
  • Vulnerability – Creativity and innovation require vulnerability. Team members who are willing to admit their shortcomings, seek advice, and request support are being vulnerable in service to the team’s broader success.

Nurture accountability on your team through discussions that target these behaviors. Ask your team to look for opportunities to exhibit accountability and support them when they do. Creating an atmosphere where people can be vulnerable enough to try new things in service to their work is crucial for innovation and creativity.


At Lab Monkey Communications, accountability is a core value. We talk about it daily in the work that we do behind the scenes for our clients, but we also have embedded it into our standards for strategic communications.

We believe that strategic communications depend upon accountable and reliable teams of creative thinkers and doers.

For an easy-to-use checklist to help you assess ways to communicate more strategically, download our Strategic Communications Checklist here.