Winning the War for Your Employees’ Attention

communications strategies to engage employees and win the war for attention

Your employees’ attention is in short supply—so how do you grab their attention when you barely even have time to draft and design a one-page memo?

You are going to have to work smarter, but not necessarily harder, if you want to win the war on attention.

One of our core standards for strategic communications is that they build upon a series of impressions to create trust and familiarity over time.

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Without trust, your communications just feel like mandates from strangers.

The good news is that a few simple practices can really help you boost the trust factor:

  • Reveal –We often back our way into “reveal campaigns” after we find that we’re trying to deliver too much information too quickly. Breaking the campaign down into multiple touchpoints allows your employees to focus only on the immediate actions they need to take. Communicating the most relevant information over a series of impressions allows you to keep a very targeted dialogue going with your employees.
  • Refresh – different tactics reach different people. Don’t be afraid to say the same thing a few different ways. One of our favorite tricks of the trade is to appeal to employees’ different motivations—are they family-oriented, competitive athletes, technophiles??? You’ll be amazed what a simple photo swap and headline adjustment will do to boost engagement with the exact same memo!
  • Repeat – the biggest obstacle to communicating consistently is all in your head. Raise your hand if you’ve ever doubted you should send a memo because you thought, “but I already told them that.” Tell them again. In 1885, Thomas Smith estimated in his book “Successful Advertising” that it takes 20 impressions of an ad to convert a prospect into a buyer. That was long before the Internet, push notifications and email were competing for your employees’ attention!

We believe in helping our clients create a more engaging working world through more effective communications strategies. If you haven’t already downloaded our Strategic Communications Checklist, allow me to repeat myself and ask you to download it by clicking here!