Are You Headed for a Benefits Burn Out?

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Everyone is doing benefits communications completely wrong—and it’s burning out your best and brightest leaders.

Here’s why:

You think it has to be perfect.

You think you have to know all of the answers before you start.

You think your employees will read every word about every benefit.

It’s just not true—and there’s  a better way to communicate with your employees about benefits.

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I’ve spent the majority of my professional career helping clients survive benefits enrollment season.

From the beginning I was conditioned to think of my work as something to be survived. My managers treated benefits enrollment season like hurricane season (which ironically coincide with each other). They’d put us on lockdown at the office, pat us on the back and scream, “don’t leave your desk! See you when this is over!!!”

I’m exaggerating (a little) but I want you to really get the picture.

Work is not something to be survived.

Hope is not a strategy for changing your situation.

It is not normal, or healthy, or good to be counting down to retirement and daydreaming every Fall about escaping to far off places where emails and phone calls can’t find you.


Last year, in the middle of my 19th benefits communications season I began to worry very honestly about getting burnt out by the drama of open enrollment. The daydreams about escaping to Costa Rica or Iceland weren’t even interesting to me anymore.

It was time to deal with the problem or move on.

In the midst of my disillusionment I remembered something that a business coach once said to me…

“Wherever there is a stress, there is a lack of a standard.”


We had an endless supply of stress, I realized — and our standards were little more than hopes or dreams (many of which we had never even shared with our clients).

I knew that we were not going to reinvent our processes mid-stream with our clients last year. Instead, we continued to call on our flexibility, compassion, and experience to survive yet another year.

We did start doing one thing differently though.

We installed an 8’x6’ white board in the office and began cataloguing any and every thing that stressed us out during enrollment season.

At the end of the season, instead of musing philosophically about our hardships and wondering why everything about open enrollment is so hard on us, we set about really solving for the stressors that make this work so challenging.

The end-product of months of brainstorming is what we optimistically call our Drama-Free OE Framework.

We reinvented the way that we think about work, the systems and processes we need in place to build consensus and drive ROI, and developed a framework that integrates standardization, customization and strategy into our clients’ benefits communications.

What started out as a philosophical quest to keep our team from burning out and bailing on something that we’re really quite good at is now a whole philosophy and product bundle that we’d like to share with you.

We will be hosting a one-hour Drama-Free OE webinar on June 28th where you’ll learn:

  • 5 Standards for a Drama-Free OE – which you can leverage to rule out drama in practically every project (open enrollment and otherwise);
  • 6 Must-Have Multimedia Touchpoints for Every Benefits Enrollment Campaign; and
  • our Drama-Free OE Framework for Creating an Affordable, Customized, High-Impact, Multimedia Benefits Communications Campaign


Join our Drama-Free OE webinar on June 28th at 1:00 ET/10:00 PT.

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I know. It all sounds a little naive or too good to be true. I had a healthy amount of cynicism about this myself.

For the past six months I’ve been plagued with cynical thoughts like, “Drama-Free OE? Who am I kidding? Can I really talk about this? They are going to laugh in my face!”

In the end, though, it came down to this for me – I would rather be laughed out of town and dogged by the cynics than to go through another enrollment season just hoping to survive.

If you’re more interested in thriving than surviving – I hope you’ll consider investing an hour of your time to explore a better approach to getting through open enrollment season.

Our time together will focus as deeply on process and low-cost solutions as it will on Cher, donkeys, and our company mantra that gets us through every high-stakes OE emergency!

I hope you’ll you ditch the drama and join us on June 28th! Click here to RSVP.