Does Your HR Communications Strategy Drive Business Results

HR communications strategy ROI

If you aren’t aligning your business objectives with your communications strategy you will never get that coveted ROI that proves your value as a leader in your company.

When Lab Monkey Communications is called in for most of our client engagements there is often an intense sense of urgency on the other end of the line. After all, it’s not an easy feat to get permission to go outside the company for additional support – and by the time you’ve gotten approval you’ve often lost a lot of precious time.

If you’re not careful inherent delays like these will short circuit your success before a word is even written.

To keep us honest about delivering a legitimate return on our clients’ investment we continually evaluate and improve our processes to make sure that we’re not sidetracked by urgency, panic, or the pretense of having seen this exact project before.

That’s why the first question in our Strategic Communications Checklist is, “how does this message or project advance the goals and vision of your company?”

To make sure your communications strategy is driving your desired business results, consider these tips:

  • Be able to clearly state the goals and vision of your company—especially as it pertains to your line of business and the purpose of your communications. This makes YOU look good to your co-workers and managers and it helps you get targeted results from your team.
  • Before you start working, determine how you will quantify progress towards the company’s goals. This could be anything from page-views of a website, comments on a story on the portal, increased use of a campaign-specific hashtag in social media, number of volunteers recruited for a company-sponsored day of service, the possibilities are endless. The trick with quantifying your success is that you MUST think about what you will be measuring before you start writing so that you can craft your message to drive that specific outcome.
  • Only work with partners who ask you about the purpose of your project and seek to link your efforts back to quantifiable progress that makes you look great in front of your team.

It only takes a little bit of preparation at the beginning of a project to position you as a results-driven partner in your company’s success. It also produces a better quality of work that your employees will notice. When you care about the information you share, and you’ve taken the time to position your message in the context of the company’s continued success, employees pay attention. Nothing builds rapport and trust faster!

As we mentioned above, advancing your business goals is the first standard on our Strategic Communications Checklist.

Click here to download our complete checklist and position yourself as a thought leader who knows how to manage your communications strategy to drive business results.