Communications Tips to Help Your Employees Make the Most of Their New Employee Benefits

employee benefits communication tips

January is the perfect time to remind employees of a few simple tips that could save them considerable time and money before they make their first trip to the doctor with their new employee benefits plan.

  • Bring your new insurance card with you. Also be sure to toss out your old card to avoid confusion. Didn’t receive your new employee benefits card? You might be able to print out a temporary one from your provider online to cover you until your new one arrives. Look for information on how to do this on your company’s employee benefits website or contact your HR manager for support.
  • Prepare to pay. The amount of your co-pay will depend on the type of plan you’ve chosen.
    • HMOs/PPOs generally carry lower co-pays at the point of service, but they charge higher premiums year-round. Typical co-pays with these plans range from $10 – $50 per office visit.
    • HDHPs (High Deductible Health Plans) carry higher service charges at the point of purchase, but lower premiums year-round. HDHPs are usually paired with self-funded Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) that can help you offset higher fees through pre-tax savings. One of the most helpful sites we’ve seen on HSAs can be found here.
    • Know before you go. Go online to your benefits website or call your provider to determine the amount you should expect to pay for your visit.
  • Confirm your prescriptions. Old medicines are routinely displaced by generics or new preferred alternatives—verify your approved prescriptions with your new provider by looking up their “formulary” list online. Check for tips on reducing your prescription costs.

Make sure that your employee benefits website is easily accessible from your Intranet homepage so that employees have easy access to the information they will need as they make that first unexpected trip to the doctor with their new benefits plan.

A simple one-pager with the tips above will go a long way towards helping your employees become better healthcare consumers. Be sure to include links to your employee benefits website and contact information for local HR representatives as well.