Ditch Your Benefits Guide and Get to the Point!

employee benefits guide

Ditch Your Benefits Guide and Get to the Point!

Employees want to know three things each year when they receive their benefits guide:

  • Did my plans change?
  • How much will they cost this year?
  • Where do I go to enroll?

If you’re still distributing traditional benefits guides in the range of 20-to-84 pages (no joke – we’ve seen 84-page benefits guides) then you’re burying the lead and diminishing your impact.

Your job is to make it easy for employees to make informed decisions. Overwhelming them with too much detail can undermine your goals by turning them off and creating unintentional artificial barriers.

“My vision plan didn’t change this year? Okay, great. Why are you making me read about it when I only have ten minutes to make my benefits decisions before my next meeting starts?”

The traditional Benefits Guide lays out all of the information that you could ever imagine an employee asking for. It’s a conversation stopper that says, “here’s everything. Don’t ask me any questions.”

An Open Enrollment guide focuses only on the information and actions your employees need to know most. Things like:

  • New plans/Plan changes
  • Plan fees
  • Eligibility
  • Open Enrollment dates
  • Instructions for enrolling
  • Resources for additional learning (employee meetings or your benefits website)

By focusing only on the most relevant and actionable items you are able to better elevate your call-to-action.

Employees who want to know more about their full benefits package are going to take full advantage of other opportunities to learn more by attending employee meetings or visiting your benefits website.

When you streamline your content you make it easier for employees to take action and you incentive them to continue learning about their benefits on their own.


If you need help reimagining your benefits communications strategy to boost employee understanding and follow-through, we can help.