What Does Empathy Have to Do with Your Marketing Plan?

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Every great marketing plan allows for a balanced approach between thoughtful preparation and winging it.

Having a pipeline of ready-to-go stories for the things that you can plan for will give you the freedom to respond to critical issues that spring up unexpectedly.

Internal communicators and HR leaders have to be able to anticipate and respond to constantly changing situations that arise for your employees.

To help our clients build more engaging relationships with their employees, we create marketing plans that consider the everyday experience of their employees and the external pressures that impact them.

A little empathy can go a long way towards increasing your communications’ ROI and improving your workplace culture.

You can create a marketing calendar that positions you as a considerate resource for employees by considering questions like these:

  • What are the current conversations inside the workplace? Staging your department’s message so that it’s not competing with other departments’ priorities is critical. Your employees can only digest so much information at once – be considerate of that. It will only boost engagement. Maybe your message isn’t the burning priority right now. Reschedule or reconsider if you need to send anything at all. Take part in the conversation that’s happening now – don’t try to force something if it’s time hasn’t yet come.
  • What trends and pressures are impacting employees outside of the workplace? Think about economics, competitor performance, social justice issues, etc. — how do these issues impact your employees and your business?
  • What future trends in the workplace can you prepare for – mergers, busy seasons, summer travel and office vacancies, annual shareholder meetings, etc.?
  • What trends in the media can you prepare for – new year’s resolutions, health trends, diversity topics? Tie these trends back to workplace programs and benefits that employees should revisit.

When you time your messages thoughtfully to align with your employees’ lived experiences it proves that you’re not just telling them what to do – you’re actually working hard to improve their lives at work and beyond.

We believe that strategic communications are scheduled in advance to align with trends in the workplace and the world beyond your company.

Download your copy of our Strategic Communications Checklist to help you infuse more empathy into your marketing plan.