Can Benefits Communications Really Impact Your Employee Experience?

employee benefits impact your employee experience

Can Benefits Communications Really Impact Your Employee Experience?

If you are treating your employee benefits strategy as a transactional necessity or legal obligation you are essentially telling employees that you don’t care about them and that they’d better figure out how to take care of themselves on their own.

It’s a recipe for talent loss, under-utilization and costly mis-use of benefits, and a disengaged and unproductive workforce.

Companies who get it are moving beyond the legal compliance aspect of required notices and SPDs and finding new ways to create a more compelling benefits experience.

Experiences are the ultimate reflection of thoughtfulness. We remember them because they make us feel valued, cared for and heard. We’re not saying that you need to throw a parade or a red carpet gala. Elevating your benefits communications to an experiential level doesn’t have to be expensive or exhaustive. More than anything it requires a shift in how you think and speak about your employee benefits.

Here’s how we help our clients move beyond a transactional relationship with their benefits to create a true experience that helps employees tackle their benefits decisions with confidence and a sense of support:

  • Create a distinct and recognizable benefits brand that syncs with your company culture and vision;
  • Be there—find out how your employees prefer to receive communications and show up for them in those spaces;
  • Join the real world – skin your workplace with branded promotions as simple as window-clings in elevators and bathroom mirrors. Experiencing your benefits brand in the real world actually makes it real!
  • Woo your employees with teasers, highlights, and actionable summaries before you go all in and dump every detail on them at once;
  • Make it Memorable – try to zero in on the key messages employees need to remember most and promote those messages frequently across multiple communications.
  • Try being a human – Honor the true experiences of your employees by acknowledging that choosing benefits is difficult but important. Offer human support and create a space where employees feel empowered to ask questions and seek advice!

When you treat your employee benefits communications like a necessary evil or an exercise in compliance your employees will assign the same low value to the experience – regardless of how competitive or cost-effective your benefits may be.

With a few thoughtful flourishes to your benefits brand you can improve your overall employee experience dramatically.

Lab Monkey Communications helps employers elevate their employee experience by creating thoughtful benefits communications strategies. If you are struggling to create an impactful employee benefits experience, ask for help.