How to Finally Get Your Employee Benefits Website Online (even on THAT budget)


How to Finally Get Your Employee Benefits Website Online (even on THAT budget)

Creating an employee benefits website often feels just beyond the reach for many of our clients. When you look at the initial costs of developing a new website it seems much smarter to stay the course and continue investing in traditional communications tools. From a budget perspective, it may even seem like your only option.

We believe that your benefits information belongs beyond your firewall.

We believe this for two very important reasons:

  • Firewalls create barriers to action – a huge factor that stops employees from taking action when inspiration strikes, often meaning that employees spend too little time making their benefits decisions, or fail to enroll at all; and
  • Your employees’ dependents are often the best advocates and savviest consumers of your benefits. Involving them in the benefits decision and keeping them informed throughout the year can reduce costs by empowering them to make better use of benefits plans that are designed to better meet their needs.

Here’s how we help clients find the funds they need to finally take their benefits online:

  • Reimagine Your Print Campaigns – if you’re going to offer an online benefits resource, you should really commit to it by reconfiguring how you use traditionally lengthier pieces like change announcements, newsletters and benefits guides. Every print piece should point employees online to learn more.
  • Print Less – many of our clients are concerned about employee groups with limited access to the web. Some print resources may continue to be necessary – but they can be made available upon request or distributed specifically to these targeted groups. The money you save in print and postage fees just might pay for your whole site.
  • Team Up – done right, your benefits website can be a valuable tool for recruiting new employees. Ask your colleagues in talent acquisition, recruiting, and marketing to support your shared goals by contributing to the creation of a publicly accessible benefits website.
  • Keep it Simple – the limitless allure of the web always brings with it the staggering fees of implementing your wildest dreams. Be realistic about your goals and what matters most to the long-term success of your project. You want an easy-to-update platform, a site structure that can scale with you over the next five years, and you want your information to be scannable and easy to find. Don’t overshadow the value of your content with costly gimmicks.
  • Keep it Fresh – be prepared to set aside a portion of your budget for regularly scheduled updates to your website. We regularly update our clients’ photography, add banners and articles that promote wellness programs, and share best practices for using plan features like HSA/FSAs. If employees sense that your site has not been updated in more than six months they will become suspicious of your site’s accuracy and they will stop coming.

Finally, remember that this is a long-term investment. Depending on the scope of your project you may encounter some daunting up-front fees for designing the foundation of your site. However, your fees for maintaining your site should decrease after your initial investment—making its overall costs more bearable in the long-run.

If you are interested in developing a strategy to get your employee benefits brand online within your budget, we would be happy to help. Contact us today to learn about all of your options for finally getting your employee benefits website online!