Leverage Employee Feedback to Improve Your Internal Communications

employee feedback internal communications

Editing our work has gotten infinitely easier as communications technology has evolved. Sometimes it feels like we can’t even stop ourselves from making changes to our work long enough to really consider something done.

This week, a file crossed my desk with the name “2018 Benefits Presentation Finally Final FOR REAL FINAL.ppt.” Clearly someone was struggling to wrap up their presentation as new information and additional perspectives continued to pour in during the final stages of review. We had a good laugh at the file name and lamented that this is simply the new normal.

Every Fall our clients hit the road for a series of face-to-face meetings with employees to help them understand their new benefits options. These meetings are a rare and powerful opportunity for our clients to hear firsthand about the challenges that employees are having when it comes to understanding their benefits.

Employee feedback can have a way of rendering that “final” version of your work obsolete almost as soon as you’ve “finished” it—but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

The beauty of this infinitely editable nature of our work is that it can make us better communicators.

Here’s how we help our clients leverage employee feedback to improve communications:

  • Use employee questions to evaluate your work. If you get the same question (or some form of it) over and over, this is a sign that employees don’t understand what you’re saying, or they’re having a hard time accessing your content. Revisit your communications that provide these answers to see how you can make your point clearer or easier to access.
  • Make sure your FAQs actually reflect what matters most to employees. In the case of employee benefits, we help our clients draft FAQs before employee meetings. Then we gather the questions received in real conversations with employees and update our original document to make sure it really addresses the issues that are tripping people up. FAQs are a great resource to help employees try to solve their problems on their own—before reaching out to you. It’s your job, however, to make sure these documents are really answering the questions that matter to employees.
  • Let the questions guide you! Use employee questions to build your communications strategy. Pay attention to what employees are struggling to understand and consider how you might create supplemental articles, webinars or videos to go deeper on these special topics.

Tracking employee needs and following up with customized communications shows that you listen and that you care about their challenges. It definitely complicates your file naming conventions and your ability to check something off of your to-do list, but it also makes your communications much more effective by keeping things fresh and relevant for employees.

Lab Monkey Communications helps HR leaders communicate with employees on the front-lines by developing customizable communications strategies that drive results. If you need assistance creating or implementing a results-oriented internal communications strategy, send us a note. We’d be happy to help.