Do You Need a Benefits Brand?

employee benefits brand

Getting employees to pay attention to anything is hard—especially when your topic is as dry and complex as employee benefits—but is a benefits brand really the solution for breaking through the noise?

Branding is a bit like the poison apple in Snow White. On its face the silky red glow promises everything you’ve ever dreamed of—delivered in an instant. It seems simultaneously too good to be true and like the only possible solution.

It’s not uncommon for HR managers who have reached an impasse with their communications to ask us, “do we maybe just need a benefits brand?” We coach our clients through this decision by asking them a few questions:

  • What will a benefits brand help you accomplish – and how?
  • Could a focused campaign achieve the results you’re looking for without diverting funds to lower-impact flashy things like a unique logo?
  • Are you communicating consistently with employees year-round about their benefits?
  • Are you currently promoting benefits messaging in the physical workplace, on internal portals or email, and in employees’ homes?

The point of these questions is that branding is not a magic substitute for the hard work of consistent, deliberate relationship-building through communications.

The mistake that a lot of companies make is in thinking that a brand is a logo or a tag line and that the creation of just one catchy idea will be the missing element that revolutionizes the way that employees think about their benefits. The truth is that brands are a culmination of everything you do—providing the best benefits, promoting wellness programs year-round, and helping employees leverage their benefits in ways that provide meaning and value to them.

Investing in a long-term communications strategy that drives key messages year-round will build your brand for you. It’s not the easy answer that we all want, but it’s how you build meaningful relationships and promote the overall value of the most important brand – your company.

If you’re struggling to engage employees with important benefits or wellness messages we can help. Lab Monkey Communications helps companies build lasting relationships with employees through strategic internal communications.