Is it Marketing or Magic? How to Conjure Your Best-Fit Clients

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Nothing makes us want to abandon our businesses more than working for a bad-fit client.

But, when no clients are calling and your coffers are bare, fear creeps in and any client—right fit or not— begins to seem like a good idea.

The problem is, when you say yes to someone who doesn’t fit your ideal client profile you’re creating a recipe for distraction and disappointment. You feel uncertain about how to please them, so you start questioning every decision. This results in less-than-brilliant work, which makes your client even more unhappy and frustrated. So you go back to the drawing board feeling exhausted, frustrated, and resentful. And the cycle starts again from the top.

You spend so much of your time and energy trying to please a bad-fit client that your work for your best-fit clients suffers. They get less than 100 percent of your time and attention, and are unsatisfied with results you deliver.

They end up angry, you end up feeling defeated, and ultimately, no one is better off than when you started.

If you are like most entrepreneurs or small business owners, you’ve spent hours trying to invoke a magic spell to avoid the bad-fit cycle.

The good news is it’s not magic; it’s marketing. And it’s totally possible to work only with the type of people you love to serve. But first, you have to spend a little time getting to know their needs, values, and behaviors.

Understanding your best–fit clients’ needs is key to prioritizing your marketing efforts and reaping the maximum value for your time, energy, and money.

A few years ago, when we were tired of working with clients who left us feeling depleted and unfulfilled, we put our heads together and focused on identifying and attracting our best-fit clients.

That’s when we conjured up our client avatar. His name is “Kevin.”

Kevin is the model of our ideal client. In fact, “Find More Kevins!” has become our team’s battle cry, of sorts.

Who’s Kevin and what makes him so special?

He is a hybrid of about four or five of our favorite communications consultants from the big HR outsourcing firms we serve.

Here’s what we love most about Kevin: He doesn’t mind working late into the night and on the weekends. He juggles 15 to 20 client projects simultaneously, which means he can hardly respond to an email, much less find time for an hour-long team call. He’s responsible for making sure his projects don’t go over budget, and that his vendors follow a very strict protocol for getting the work done.

We’ve made it our business to know a lot about Kevin’s business; we know what he needs and why he needs it. And because we know so much about him, it has become easy to serve him.

For example, we know he’s too busy for long-winded emails, so we don’t bother sending them.

We know he prefers getting calls from us after 8:30 in the evening because that’s when he’s less distracted.

We also know that by reaching out late at night or on the weekends, we make him feel less alone and like he has an ally who’s working just as hard as he is.

Rather than see him as a difficult, hard to reach, disengaged client, we’ve taken the time to understand the challenges he faces in his business. In other words, we’ve walked around in his shoes so we could see the world from his perspective.

You see, Kevin spends a lot of money with us; he trusts us to lead projects with his clients; and he relies on us to make the whole experience easy, efficient, and creative. We have a lot of freedom when we work with Kevin, and that makes it easy for us to do our best work.

That’s why we affectionately call Kevin our peep. That’s our way of saying he’s our ideal client.

Finding your Kevin is easier than you think. Begin by identifying the clients you love working with, then considering the following questions:

  • How did they find you?
  • What’s the number one reason they buy from you?
  • What are their biggest challenges?
  • What are their fears?
  • What do they most want to achieve by working with/buying from you?
  • How can you make it easier for them to buy from/refer you?

Tailoring your marketing efforts to your ideal peeps’ needs and behaviors means you can spend less time and money on ineffective campaigns and tactics. When you serve your best clients in the best way, you can build a self-generating client-base from referrals and repeat customers.

And the best part? You will never again have to take on bad-fit clients just to pay the bills.

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