Is Your Website Sabotaging Your Business? Take the Websites That Work Quiz to Find Out

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Back when you launched your website, it was the flagship of your brand. Your logo was fresh, your content was clever, and the design was innovative.

Your cutting-edge website helped your business flourish.

But that was several years ago, and a lot has changed since then. You and your business have grown and evolved, and so has technology. What was once pioneering is now passé.

Lately, it feels more like your website is sabotaging your business, not supporting it.

It no longer shows up in search engines, and your competitors outrank you in your most desired search rankings.

You rarely refer people to your site because it no longer represents you or your brand.

You feel helpless, frustrated, and overwhelmed at the thought of another website re-design. What you really want — and need — is a website that works.

How do we know all this? We talk to business owners like you every day. Some of them come to us knowing their sites need immediate fixes, but they don’t even know where to begin; others are simply too busy running their businesses to take time out to fix their websites themselves.

Either way, we get it. We know exactly why your site no longer generates follow-ups, phone calls, or email inquiries about your highest priority products and services.

And the good news is, we know what to do to fix it.

We help business owners develop and implement simple action plans that solve their websites’ most pressing problems.

We consistently see five key areas that trip up our clients and keep their sites from running like the business-building machines they should be:

  • Bad visual design that’s cluttered and distracting;
  • Confusing calls to action with too many choices and no clear path for visitors to follow;
  • Compatibility issues with mobile platforms, resulting in problems with Google and other search engines;
  • Dead sites, i.e., their sites lack fresh content and haven’t been updated within the past 30 days; or
  • No analytical data, which means they have no idea who visits their sites, what people do once they’re there, or how people find their web sites in the first place.

Which one of these problems keeps your web site from attracting new visitors, converting them into engaged buyers, and helping you build the business of your dreams?

Our Websites That Work Quiz will help you identify areas where your web site could use a little support.

After you take the quiz, we’ll send bonus materials direct to your inbox to help you create an action plan to tackle your website’s most pressing problems. We’ve used these same tools to help our clients create websites that drive traffic, convert visitors into buyers, and build their businesses.

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