Three Things You Can Do this Summer to Enhance Your Open Enrollment Strategy

open enrollment tips for summer

Three Things You Can Do this Summer to Enhance Your Open Enrollment Strategy

When you’ve only been in the office for a few days after spending a full week at the beach it can be really hard to focus on the day-to-day—much less plan ahead for October or November.

Summer is the best time to start planning your open enrollment communications strategy.

Here are three things you can do NOW to set yourself up for success during open enrollment:

  • Set a goal. Before you do anything else – you have to have a business goal in mind. We help our clients shape communications strategies that:
    • Boost attendance at employee meetings;
    • Provide better support services prior to open enrollment to help employees understand their benefits options before they make their decisions;
    • Promote the value of your benefits as part of your overall employer brand;
    • Increase the percentage of employees enrolled in new plans;
    • Increase employee enrollment in HSA plans; and
    • Gather baseline metrics for employee use of your benefits website, including page views and type of devices used to access the site.
  • Define your top three messages. Also called your “key messages,” these are the phrases that you will return to over and over again as you communicate with your employees about their benefits. Your key messages are a natural extension of your goals. Choosing three (or fewer) key messages helps you focus your employees’ attention on the most important changes and opportunities available to them during open enrollment.
  • Enlist support. Early planning makes it a lot easier to get the support you need before it’s too late. Benefits communications is a very specialized practice. The most experienced consultants are booking their clients now. Similarly, if you’re relying on internal partners to help you drive your benefits communications strategy this year, you need to get on their calendars before everyone else in the company does.

When you take these three simple steps now, you’re setting yourself up for less stress and a much greater likelihood of success. With clearly defined goals and key messages ready to share with your creative partners you will be well-positioned to help your employees make the best benefits decisions for themselves and their families during open enrollment.

Lab Monkey Communications has been helping clients with open enrollment communications strategies and implementation since 2007. We are currently helping our clients develop benefits communications strategies for this year’s open enrollment season. If you’re tired of pulling together your benefits communications strategy at the last minute, we can help. Contact us today.