Our passion for making work as engaging as humanly
possible begins right here with our very own people.

Our main headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia is home to a handful of regulars but you’ll find most of our monkeys working remotely from cities across the U.S.

We believe in hiring the best people for the job and helping them find the right balance that allows them to produce their best work while still living fulfilling lives as parents, scoutmasters, gardeners, painters, yoga students, recording artists, hikers, and foodies (all of which you’ll find on our team).



Jack started Lab Monkey Communications with a mission to help companies improve the professional and personal fulfillment of their employees. He believes that innovative branding—along with consistent, strategic messaging and design—has the power to influence extraordinary changes in any corporate environment.

Branding, in particular, has been Jack’s passion for as long as he can remember. His childhood bedroom walls were covered with Smokey Bear posters his dad would bring home from work at the S.C. Forestry Commission. He credits Smokey Bear with sparking his passion for communications.

Jack has led benefits consultants in the development of compelling brands and creative marketing strategies since 1999. There’s nothing he enjoys more than delving into a company’s culture and history to create a comprehensive communications strategy that helps an organization achieve its most desired outcomes.



Whether she’s behind the scenes or on the front lines with our clients, Cara’s days are spent figuring out how to make the impossible happen. Her careful management of things like timelines, calendars, and budgets mean that our creative teams are allowed to focus on their genius work and churn out top notch creative solutions for our clients.

When she isn’t glued to a timeline, she’s attempting to project manage her household of 4 children, two hamsters and a husband (not necessarily in that order).