Project Plans Help You Avoid “Brand Overwhelm”

Branding Overwhelm, Simple Solutions

The amount of time and money it takes to launch a brand can be intimidating, especially for small business owners who already have a hand in so many aspects of building their businesses.

Your brand’s presence is woven into every facet of your business, making it difficult to know where to draw the line when it comes to spending money on getting your brand out there.

The endless list of branding to-do’s (logo, business card, web site, social media pages, conference materials, etc.) can seem insurmountable if you don’t have an endless supply of cash.

It’s enough to make many businesses pull back and avoid building any real brand presence entirely.

I call that getting stuck in “brand overwhelm.”

But “brand overwhelm” is completely avoidable. It’s just a symptom of not having a project plan in place to guide you.

When we create a project plan to help our clients boost their brand presence, we ask the following four questions:

  • What opportunities/events/goals are on the horizon for your business in the next 3 months, 6 months, or year?
  • What SPECIFIC brand expenses can we plan for in response to those opportunities/events/goals?
  • Can we price out each expense in advance?
  • How can we best align these three areas so we can pick and choose which ones to invest in and when?

These questions help our clients develop a deeper understanding of how specific branding expenses begin to make a positive impact on the realization of concrete business goals.

Working from a project plan like this helps you avoid costly spending mistakes that stem from reacting to the opportunity in front of you, instead of building your vision systematically in alignment with the RIGHT opportunities for your business.

A simple project plan like this will help you eliminate the guesswork of branding, spend with confidence and clarity about your desired results, and leave you with the time and energy you need to focus on all the other aspects of building your business.


In our upcoming webinar The 5 Pillars of Transformational Branding, we will share more insights on creating powerful project plans, as well as other branding secrets. Plan to join us March 27, when will explore storytelling, tribe building, place making, as well as the other essential elements you need to build a brand.

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