The “Things” That Are Destroying Your Brand

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Many entrepreneurs and small business owners think branding is as easy as picking a flashy business card and colors for their web sites.

Sure, that’s part of the puzzle, but the most successful brands are tapping into something much deeper than typefaces, pretty colors, and logos.

Have you noticed how some brands grab your attention and seem to speak right to you? Do you realize that connection doesn’t happen by accident?

The question is, how do they do it? What do big companies know about branding that so many small business owners don’t?

The answer is so simple that it’s easily overlooked: Companies with loyal, devoted fans and followers built their brands on their WHY.

Your favorite brands have worked hard to get to know you. They’ve spent countless hours considering what you want and need, and how to communicate with you. They’ve formed connections, empathy, and trust with you through storytelling and deliberate messaging.

Why? Because you, and other loyal customers like you, are members of their tribe; their primary mission is to understand your needs and to communicate their unique solutions to you.

The good news is, any company can use this secret to its advantage. The size of your company is irrelevant; what matters is understanding your WHY and building your community from there.

Most businesses spend a lot of money on all of the building elements of a brand (logos, web sites, storefronts, etc.), but they don’t always see the increased sales, conversion rates, or engagement that recoups those “must-have” expenses.

If you’ve spent a lot of time and money on all those brand elements but still aren’t seeing a spike in business, you may be overlooking these simple, FREE brand-building best practices:


Build relationships based in service and solutions, first.

Don’t waste your time and money on the fancy trappings of branding, such as logos, web sites, and marketing, until you take ample time to understand what your tribe needs and how your company can fulfill their needs.

Clearly communicate your value and the solutions you offer.

Focus your messaging on your most deeply held values and communicate solutions that solve your tribe’s biggest challenges. Be a trusted ally and authority they can depend on.

Know WHO you serve and speak directly to them.

Shouting your message at anyone and everyone is not only exhausting, it’s ineffective. Instead, focus on the people who you exist to serve, and use language and visuals that show that you “get” them.

Building your brand on your WHY is how you build authentic relationships with the people you most want to serve. It’s how you build repeat business with ideal clients who make it easier and easier to run the business you love.


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