Web Design Principles that Boost Engagement and Interaction

good web design builds relationships, engages visitors and helps them easily navigate your content to take targeted action and become engaged buyers and consumers

Good web design conveys a message without ever saying a word; it either instantly engages visitors or turns them away.

When web design works, it pulls your visitors in and makes them feel at ease. Think of your website the same way you’d think of your workspace: Are visitors distracted by clutter and eager to run out of there, or do they want to relax, spend some time with you, and make a purchase?

A quick design assessment can help you recognize your visitors’ knee-jerk reactions to your website. Start by reviewing each page of your site, then ask yourself the following questions:

  • What grabs your attention —irrelevant, secondary content, or the clickable link to your best selling product or service?
  • Does the page feel noisy and distracting, or open and inviting?
  • Does it feel cluttered and crammed with too many words, images, and links?

One way to avoid distraction and direct your visitors’ attention is to strategically use negative space (or white space) in the design. Great designers are skilled in creatively balancing your need for MORE content with the appropriate white space; however, even the most forgiving design will eventually crumble beneath the burden of too many words, images, and calls to action.

To ensure your site’s content and white space ebb and flow together harmoniously, try using the Add/Remove Principle.

Here’s how it works: Before you add new content to your site, look for places to remove outdated content to keep things balanced and tidy. Every piece of new content you add to your site is another opportunity for a customer to get distracted. Be sure all additions drive your site visitors to the same end goal or action.

Streamlining your content puts you in the driver’s seat.

Fewer distractions mean visitors don’t have to figure out what you want them to do on your site. Clicks go up. Purchases increase. Your business grows.

We know for non-designers, web design best practices can seem arbitrary and baffling. That’s why we created the Websites That Work Quiz. We want to help you identify the areas of where your website that could use a little support, and guide you to the next steps to take.

As a bonus, after you take the quiz we’ll email you tools like the Design Clarity Worksheet to guide you on the fixes your site needs.

Web design help is just a click away. Take the quiz to get started.

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