Value Positioning: Feel Better. Work Less. Sell More!

Posted on Apr 23, 2015 | 0 comments

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Can we be real for a minute? Sometimes marketing feels like an exercise in futility, doesn’t it?

You hire the best employees, craft the perfect solution or create the best product out there, then you lob it over the fence to your peeps only to watch it die a slow, painful, unnoticed death as people fail to trip over themselves in a frenzy to buy from you.

You email them. You send them postcards. You blast it all over social media. You email them again. But the sales just fail to manifest and no one seems to be paying any attention.

You start to doubt yourself: “Did I do something wrong? Am I over-pricing? Is this product a big waste of everyone’s time? Should I even be promoting this stuff?”

You start to hate your customers: “What is wrong with these people? Why don’t they just get with it already?”

It’s enough to make you cash in your chips and call it a day.

The frustration you feel is real. But, the good news is that there’s an easy fix.

The best way to sidestep marketing burn out is to ensure every conversation positions the value you deliver.

People want easy solutions. They want instant results. They want to feel or look one hundred times better. They want a glamorous transformation made easy. They don’t want 6.4 fluid ounces of organic shampoo — what they want is shiny, shimmering hair that’s the envy of everyone.

The impetus is on YOU to infuse your marketing with value-based propositions. Make it easy for your readers to see WHY they should open your emails, visit your web site, or stop by your store.

Here are some solid tactics to help focus on value first:

  • Avoid concentrating ONLY on the details/logistics of your offer. Instead, engage your readers first by showing them you understand how they feel.
  • Spend less time talking about yourself and more time talking about the RESULTS they will get when they work with you.
  • Share social proof and success stories that illustrate WHY your clients really love your services or offerings.

Solid value positioning helps your best-fit clients see your brand as a place that understands their challenges and knows how to fix them.

Prospective clients know they can get products and services anywhere. But, the rare find is a company that listens to their needs and delivers the results they are looking for. Value positioning ensures your marketing gets noticed. And more importantly – it becomes the effective means of selling your products and services, and changing the lives of the people you love to serve.

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